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Dragon Age Awakening: Come Down Here by sqbr
Dragon Age Awakening: Come Down Here
Sigrun pulling Velanna down for a kiss by the ring on her robes. Drawn as a gift for montparnasse for femslashex.

Feeling a bit bad about how simple it ended up being but I ran out of drawing oomph after the other exchanges.

My gifts (I got two!): Undercover by kiki_miserychic, which is some sexy Root/Shaw, and Quantum Relations by Settiai which is EDI/Sam and while I haven't read it yet it looks very cute!
Romance in Mass Effect 2 by sqbr
Romance in Mass Effect 2
(In the end I got with Thane)

Still getting the hang of it but WHO KNEW a program called "Manga Studio" would be so great at broders and speech bubbles??

The actual reason I've never romanced Garrus is that his I Am The Law shtick annoys me, but the teeth thing certainly doesn't help :) And I am definitely not saying that ALL Miranda is is a male fantasy. But the butt shots were alienatingly Aimed At Dudes.

Panel 1:
Romance in Mass Effect 2 or "Shepard tries to get a girlfriend"

Panel 2:
Shepard: You broke up with me? Just because I was dead? I'm alive now!
Kaidan: And working with genocidal terrorists!
Shepard: But...nice ones!

Panel 3:
Liara: Can't talk being badass
Shepard: I can respect that

Panel 4:
(a closeup of Garrus's many pointy teeth)
Garrus: Hi Shepard long time no see!

Panel 5:
Tali, blushing: Shepard, would you share suits with me? It's the most intimate act my people can do, and you and I are...
Shepard: Yes?
Tali: Really good friends!

Panel 6:
Miranda, butt in the air: Sorry Shepard, I was designed in a lab to be the perfect straight male fantasy
Shepard: My condolences

Panel 7:
Shepard: Heeeeey Jacob
Jacob: Whoa, Shepard, this is moving prretty about I take you to meet my dad first?
Shepard: Sounds romantic
Jacob: He's a muderous rapist
Shepard: Uh...
Jacob: What about my wife, then? She's really nice!

Panel 8:
Jack: hey Shepard I ever tell you about that time I had sex with a chick?
Shepard: Tell me more!
Jack: Please Insert Male Shepard to Continue
Shepard...can we at least have a platonic chat?
Jack: Please Insert Male Shepard to Continue

Panel 9:
Thane, leaning over a dead asari: When I'm done tenderly murdering this woman, how about we go somewhere warm and I tell you about my terminal lung condition and inadequacies as a husband and father
Shepard: Well when you put it like that...

Panel 10:
Shepard: So you've pretty much only been with women, right?
Samara: Yes, but I gave up on relationships centuries ago
Shepard: Awww
Samara: Would you like to help me hunt down and seduce my evil lesbian sex vampire daughter?
Shepard: Sure!

Panel 11:
Morinth, leaning over Shepard: Hissss

panel 12: Kelly: If you flirt with me enough I'll feed your fish!
Red Dwarf: Cat at an Aquarium by sqbr
Red Dwarf: Cat at an Aquarium
The Cat from Red Dwarf leaning up gleefully to stare at a huge fish through the glass wall of an aquarium full of fish.

I was going to make this much more polished but Clip Studio got VERY SAD about how many layers I was using to create a sense of depth so I had to stop :(
Snow White and Red Riding Hood by sqbr
Snow White and Red Riding Hood
A black white and red wood-cut style image of Red Rising Hood leaning over to help Snow White out of her glass coffin. In the background are gnarled leafless trees bearing a single apple. Snow White is a highly anachronistic mish-mash of Chinese and German princesses while Red Riding Hood is basd on French peasants.  For ilikelookingatnakedmen's prompt.
Bastion: Zulf Plaits Zia's Hair by sqbr
Bastion: Zulf Plaits Zia's Hair
For an anonymous prompter. The watercolour tool in Clip Studio is so pretty and makes my computer so sad, it actually burned through a power source /o\
Realised I've been posting the art without letting you guys prompt me for the meme! So, give me one of these numbers and a character/pairing (or place, I guess!) and I'll draw you some art.
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Hi, I'm Sophie alias sqbr. I mostly use this account for fanart (right now a mix of things with a slight preference for Homestuck and Bioware games)

I've been crossposting to my art tumblr for a while.

I have a tshirt and card shop at RedBubble for my (very little) original art, and keep track of updates to my art (and life) on my dreamwidth.

You can read my fanfic and longer fancomics at An Archive of Our Own or

Here's the list of textures I use.

Current Residence: Australia

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sqbr Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Of course, I also thought Gorim was a redshirt.. :D
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i appreciate it!
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Thanks so much for faving my comic! You've got some cute stuff yourself, and I like the romance comics XD Hope to see more :)
sqbr Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I do in fact have another planned though it may take me a while to get around to drawing it.
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sqbr Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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