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Bastion: Domestic Scene by sqbr
Bastion: Domestic Scene
Zulf, Rucks and the Kid all watching Zia play her harp as they have a picnic. Mooreeffoc asked for a domestic scene, and I decided that the Bastion would be great for picnics :)
Dragon Age Inquisition: The Patch by sqbr
Dragon Age Inquisition: The Patch
No spoilers. This is a simplified version of Niamh's appearance but she really did get that wrinkly after the patch, it was disturbing! Luckily my husband found a workaround, or I would have felt like poor Cullen was being taken adavantage of by a much older woman ;)
Panel 1: Niamh, a fresh faced elf, holds a green vial. 
Niamh: ""The Patch: Improves appearance and encourages conversation"

Panel 2:
Niamh (drinking): I'm already pretty perfect but sure, why not?

Panel 3: There is a poof of smoke. Niamh now looks super old and wrinkly, with reddened eyes and nose, and her hair is super shiny. 

Panel 4: 
Niamh, shouting angrily: SERA!!!
Captain America: The Falcon by sqbr
Captain America: The Falcon
Sam as the Flacon flying up into the sky, looking a bit like a heavily armed angel as he is lit behind by glowing sunlight. 

It seemed like every reference picture I saw had a different design for his wings, so I went for a mish mash with some artistic lisence.

Romance in DAI: Maximising my smooches (spoilers) by sqbr
Romance in DAI: Maximising my smooches (spoilers)
Featuring my apparently more romantically desirable Dalish elf inquisitor Niamh.

Sorry to anyone who likes Solas, I can actually see the appeal of the romance. But Niamh just isn't that patient, and if anyone's going to be the high handed arrogant one in the relationship it's her :)

(Also I totally failed at the advisor sandwich in game, I think Jospehine got put off my me getting that assasin dude's blood all over her. I WAS TRYING TO HELP) 

Panel 1:
(Solas and Niamh embrace)
Solas: Oh Levallan, how are you so awesome...
Niamh: teehee
Solas: ...when all the other Dalish suck so much?
Niamh: Uh...

Panel 2:
(Solas pushes a distraught Nimah away)
Solas: But no...we must end this or I will just hurt you
Niamh: What?

Panel 3:
(Solas closeup)
Solas: I realise this means you have no choice but to pine for me, since I am literally the only person in the entire world who isn't an ignorant idiot. I don't expect you to understand (obviously)But this way I can...

Panel 4:
Noamh (off screen): Oops, sorry, could you repeat that? I was distracted by having a threesome with Josephine and Cullen.
Solas: That's not even canonically possible!
Romance in Dragon Age Inquisition SPOILERS (ish) by sqbr
Romance in Dragon Age Inquisition SPOILERS (ish)
Spoilers for Blackwall's romance! Sort of :) 

I did end up romancing Blackwall, and quite liked it, though the level of angst did get higher than I was expecting.

Description: Sketchy comic involving my dwarf inquisitor Marijn.
Panel 1:
Dorian (flirtatiously): Tell me again how charming and attractive I am
Mairijn: Aren't you gay?
Dorian: What's your point?

Panel 2:
Marijn: I should just assume any female LI as cute as you is straight, right?
Cassandra: That would probably be wise, yes

Panel 3:
Solas: Sorry Inquisitor, I only date women of my own race
Marijn: Fair enough

Panel 4:
Cullen (wearing a "no tall or short chicks" shirt): Short dev cycle?
Marijn: Hmmph

Panel 5:
Marijn: ...but I can romance you
Iron Bull's chest: You could if it wasn't bugged haha

Panel 6:
Marijn: Hmm...maybe if this inquisitor had any sense of humour...
Sera: Well poo bum tits to you too!

Panel 7:'re an intelligent and worldy woman. me around the castle?
Jospehine: You want a tour? I'll find you a guide!
Marijn: No, I...never mind

Panel 8:
Vivienne: Ahahahaha
Marijn: I'll take that as a no

Panel 9:
Marijn: Ooh, a self hating dude with blood on his hands, my favourite!
Blackwall: You deserve better. If you knew the truth about me...
Marijn: Whatever it is I'm sure it will just make your brooding hotter
Blackwall: No! You don't understand! Underneath this honorable, Richard Armitage-esque exterior I am actually...

Panel 10:
Blackwall, in shame: Orlesian 
Marijn: Nooooo
Realised I've been posting the art without letting you guys prompt me for the meme! So, give me one of these numbers and a character/pairing (or place, I guess!) and I'll draw you some art.
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Hi, I'm Sophie alias sqbr. I mostly use this account for fanart (right now a mix of things with a slight preference for Homestuck and Bioware games)

I've been crossposting to my art tumblr for a while.

I have a tshirt and card shop at RedBubble for my (very little) original art, and keep track of updates to my art (and life) on my dreamwidth.

You can read my fanfic and longer fancomics at An Archive of Our Own or

Here's the list of textures I use.

Current Residence: Australia

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